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The Augmenta System is mounted on the cabin roof of an ordinary farm vehicle and uses multispectral cameras and AI to evaluate the foliage status as well as other visual patterns like damaged or flooded spots.
It controls suitable VR implements to automatically apply appropriate amounts of fertilizers or chemicals in real time and in a single pass.
By applying inputs as needed, rather than the traditional 'blanket coverage' approach, waste is significantly reduced and greater sustainability achieved.

Moreover, input costs are kept down while crop uniformity is promoted and yield potential maximized.

The Augmenta System currently supports real-time Nitrogen, PGR and Harvest Aid applications, with more services like Green on Brown pesticide spraying already in the R&D pipeline, all of which will be available through over-the-air software updates.
It is commercially available in markets in Europe, CIS, North and South America, and Australia.
Farmers cite cost savings and ease of use among the principal benefits.
Augmenta operations have been carried out on hundreds of fields across 16 countries around the world.
Average input reductions for broad acre crops observed to date are 9% for Nitrogen, 20% for PGR and 15% for Harvest Aids compared to traditional practices, with an average yield increase of 2%.

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D 05-08

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