Why exhibit?

A certified field event

Since 1989, Innov-Agri has resolutely defended the concept of dynamic presentation in real-life conditions. Farmers have fully adhered to this vision, as there are now more than 75 000 visitors traveling to Outarville!

Innov-Agri 2016, it was more than 80 hectares of demonstrations including more than 25 ha of harvesting sites. More than 1000 machines were presented in dynamics and numerous novelties were launched at the show !!

The only professional event of this size to remain free for visitors, Innov-Agri guarantees a very special atmosphere on your stand.

High-quality visitors

More than 75 000 farmers and agricultural professionals walked the paths of visit in 2016.

Always "pros", visitors are more than 87% of professionals in activity.

They will come back in 2018!

The visitor satisfaction rate is also stable: around 98%.

  • 93.4% say they want to return in 2018!
  • 98% satisfied with the diversity of the exhibitors (very full fair).
  • 96.1% satisfied with the quality of exhibitors (adequacy with their needs).
  • 60% of the visitors mentioned a purchase project, 45% between 6 months and 1 year.
  • 24% already have a diversification activity.

Origin of visitors

carte provenance des visiteurs
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